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I had a very busy day yesterday at myPA Virtual Services, I spent the day performance one of my favourite tasks; that of tidying my desktop on the computer and organising my files and deleting unused or old files (Admin work isn’t just bits of paper!).  I know it doesn’t sound exciting, however it is one of the tasks that I always put off, even though I know it need to get done at some point in the month.  It is enormously satisfying once completed.  I also set about creating my social media campaign for the next few months.


Daily Task SheetAs a result, I began to think about how I use my time and how much time I could save if I worked SMARTER.  How often do we put off a small task or tasks under the misapprehension that they will only take a few minutes to complete until they become bigger and bigger which in turn makes the task colossal which requires a mammoth effort on our behalf to sort out or organise.  It is this enormous effort that can drive us to distraction.  Running a small business already has the potential to overtake our lives, we certainly don’t want to have any additional pressure.  The stress this can place on us can result in headaches, backache and even worse time off work.


So what is the solution, well you can try the myPA Virtual Services Daily 5 point plan.


  1. 5 Top business tasks for the day
  2. Calls that need to be made for the day
  3. Social Media entries for today
  4. Emails to be sent/replied to for today
  5. Successes for the day (Recorded at the end of the day)

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Like many businesses I have my first quarter goals.  I check them on a weekly basis to ensure that I am still on track, but can’t believe that the last three months have gone by so quickly.

So what were my goals and did I achieve them.

Mizzy 1Goal 1:      Explain to Mizzy (our new Office Administrator) how to work in an office environment and teach her office etiquette.  Moreover I want her to work within myPA Virtual Service with confidence and self-reliance.  It is my goal for her to have consistency in her workload, to be able to see what tasks needs to be undertaken and become proactive for our clients.  In fact Mizzy now runs our Monday morning meetings and keeps us all on our Toes.  Completed.

Goal 2:      I was given an online business from a friend who decided that she didn’t want to run the business anymore.  I love the idea of an online business (especially as I am looking after a number of online businesses for my clients).  So I have been determined to get the online business up and running  This task has just completed.  Completed.

Goal 3:      Develop a workable strategy for Credit Control and avoid the fraught dash at the end of the month to ensure all bills and invoices are paid.  Included in the strategy is a comprehensive plan to compile all expenses for my business on a monthly basis. Completed.

Goal 4:      Take more time to work on my business so that our continued success is not impeded by lack of thought and planning (Friday afternoons is the day) Completed.


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ComputermyPA Virtual Services would like to remind our customers and readers of our blog that we offer the service of listing your business on the Free Listing sites online.  We only charge £30.00 + VAT for each site.  Working together we can get you noticed.  If you are after any more information, please contact us.

Don’t miss your chance to get found on the internet.

Authors Update

myPA Virtual Services are proud announce that we are now working with a number of authors and a few publishing houses.  It gives us great pleasure in helping our authors get their manuscripts from the written page to an end product as an e-published book ready for Kindle or Nook or even a hard copy book.

With kind permission from Carmen Medlin. This image will not appear in the book The Tulip Fairies.

We are currently working on a Children’s book about Fairies.  My job is so much fun.   This author uses our copy typing services as all her manuscripts are hand written.  It takes no time at all for us to type her manuscript and return it to her.  It takes us back to our childhood.

We are also working with Deji Yusuf, a Motivational Speaker and an inspiration to some of the disenfranchised youth of today.  His work and concept on SWAG (Success, Winning and Achieving Greatness) is outstanding and a fabulous use of some of the tools available in today’s tough environment for the next generation.   Deji Yusuf second edition of his book will be available as a hard copy book and as an e-published book ready for a Kindle and Nook.

If you are an author and would like to find out more information about our authors services, which include copy typing, audio typing and the reformatting of manuscripts, please contact us here or take a look at our dedicated page for Authors.

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j0438526We can communicate with each other in so many different ways, but as a virtual assistant, with our clients, any break in communication or miss-understanding between the two can spell disaster.  Communication is key, from the simple talking and jotting down a few notes about a project to the full on project management support that a VA can offer, this all requires excellent communication and listening skills.

We take for granted the communication we once had between office staff and managers before starting our own businesses, but we knew that this is what kept the office and business running smoothly and effectively.  This is why as a VA we must also learn to communicate effectively with our clients.

Right from the beginning of a client/Virtual PAs relationship, the communication between the two must be equal.  If there are miss-understandings or one of the parties is not listening fully, then projects can fail.  As a VA is not always located in their clients’ office (and they are also not the only client) there are many opportunities for conversations and requests to be forgotten or to be misjudged.  It is good practice therefore, after a meeting or discussion about a new or on-going project, to complete a correspondence document detailing what was spoken about and the main points required to fulfil the tasks agreed upon.  This is then sent to the client and kept for your own records to look back on if needs be.  It can also be a useful document to pass onto other members of your team if they have to work on the same project.

In the virtual world, communication between VA’s and their (remote) clients has been made even simpler with online project management systems.  From a simple task to a large, intricate project requiring many peoples’ inputs, an online system enables you to communicate with every person involved just by updating the task log after each task has been worked on.  By giving your client their own log-in details, they can be kept up to date at the click of a mouse – simple and effective communication.

There is no replacement for a face to face meeting now and then to fully get to know a client, VA and indeed the projects you will be working on.

Noughts and CrossesOK, the big plans of the weekend went well.  I managed to get some work completed for myPA Virtual Services.  A manuscript formatted for a book we are helping turn into an e-published book to be uploaded onto Amazon for a client, but not as much as I had planned.

The weekend took me off in a different direction.  Instead of sitting in front of a Computer, I sat in front of a sewing machine and made a child’s game.  One of my favourite’s,  although not necessarily a child’s game.  A handmade noughts and crosses game.

The board is made of felt and the rid is made of cotton (it is the same cotton on the back of the board).  the noughts and crosses of felt.  I am very happy to make more for a cost of £24.99 including post and package.

I did sit out in the garden for a bit of the time so at least some of the weekend plans were achieved.

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Portland billIt’s so nice to have a weekend that is full of sun.  I am looking forward to the next 10 days of sunshine.  Not sure how I will celebrate the re-appearance of the sun but one thing is for sure I will be outside getting as much of the free Vitamin D as I can get.  Our last bout of sun took me to see the Light House at Portland Bill just outside Weymouth.  I love the sea and this was a wonderful walk with the family.

As with everything, I also took some work with me and managed to get an outline of a training course I would like to run to teach small business owners how to undertake their own administration.  Course details to follow.  I am still writing my second book, bullied by my client which is going well.  I am looking for a few more stories to tell in the book, so if  you have any or know anyone who has been bullied by their client please get in touch with me.  This weekend I am planning on doing a little work for myPA Virtual Services.  We have a few manuscripts that need to be typed and then turned into e-published books for a few clients.  I plan to get at least two of them ready for Amazon by Monday.  The client is expecting them on Wednesday so it should be a nice surprise.

Mizzy has just moved into her new flat so she is going to be inside all weekend sorting out everything she has to make sure her new career as a Virtual PA and Administrator starts from home and radiates out to the rest of the world.  She has just told me that she will be wearing her new hot pants soaking up as much Vitamin D as she can.

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