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The holidays are over and now we have rejuvenated ourselves with plenty of port and turkey, we are brimming with fantastic ideas for the future of our businesses and most of us have taken note of all of these ideas.

I personally record all of my ideas and every intricate detail as I think of them, this way I know nothing is left out, but the downside of this is that it can be a real bore listening to yourself talking about the same thing over and over again so you can implement all of these ideas.

Luckily we are here to relieve you of this burden. Our audio typing service this month is 20% off so you can even save some money to use when implementing all of these ideas! myPA Virtual Services provide secretarial support for many things and audio typing is just the start. Most people cannot type as fast as they can speak. People who can type as fast as they can speak may find that they have career options they may not yet have considered. When a customer needs to outsource Audio Typing, he wants to find someone who can do it quickly and reliably. He also wants to have the process done at a reasonable cost. The Virtual Assistant from myPA Virtual Services can provide high quality Audio Typing at a reasonable cost.


If you would like to use our fantastic service of the month please contact me on: or you can call on: 01367 246003.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for next month’s promotional offer!!

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I don’t know about you, but myPA are starting to feel very Christmassy and are getting excited about the whole process.  We had a shock when we calculated that there are only 15 shopping days to go.  Christmas does appear to have crept up on us a little, so we are going to put up the company Christmas Tree today, nothing to grandiose but it will keep us happy.

Christmas for blogThe Christmas period is the ideal time to take a business breath.  Take a look at where your business is now and where you are within your business.  It is also the perfect time to start to make a few plans on where you want your business to be in 2015 and what you as an individual want to achieve in 2015.

myPA are planning to train a number of fabulous people to set up their own Virtual Assistant Business under the myPA Business Limited brand.  We are also going to release our Start-up Business Planning Manual and our equivalent of ISO in a box for small businesses.  This unique product will offer advice on best practice for a small business and contain a multitude of forms to ensure professionalism with time saving techniques and tools.  2015 is going to be a busy and exciting time.

We would love to know what your plans are for 2015.  Will you set up a new product or start a new business?

The philosophy for myPA in 2014 was communication.  In 2015 our philosophy will be consistency.  That’s consistency in everything we do and our planning.

Take care of your selves and have a wonderful break, recharge the batteries and we look forward to hitting the ground running on the 5 January 2015.

Julie and Mizzy

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What an excellent question.  Should a handwritten envelope be accompanied by a handwritten letter or just a handwritten envelope enough?  It is a fact that handwritten envelopes will get opened before a labelled envelope, more for curiosity than anything else.  What about the contents?  A clear and understandable narrative for the promotion or reason for writing is paramount.  A clear handwritten letter is likely to entice your reader to read its entire contents.


myPA Virtual Services have produced hand written letters for our customers and we love it.  Personally, I like to use a fountain pen, the feel of the pen and the result just adds a bit of class to any correspondence.  A ballpoint pen is just as respectable and on occasions, I will use a ballpoint pen, nevertheless I prefer a former.   A fountain pen adds a bit of swagger and pedigree to any correspondence.


Before sending any correspondence regardless of handwritten or typed, attention should be given to the correct spelling for every word and your reader understands your message.  It would be careless to send any marketing material or a letter to a prospective client or family member that has not been proof read.


I would suggest that a handwritten letter is a luxury for the reader and will grab attention from the reader.  This doesn’t mean that you can write anything in your letter.  Your message and call to action still needs to be strong and there needs to be a call to action, be canny in creating your marketing material and remember your reader or how your customer will receive your letter/marketing material.


If you would like to collaborate on a handwritten marketing campaign, please contact us at

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Handwritten Envelopes, its just takes so much time, why bother?

What a good question, well the simple answer is three fold:

  • Your company or message will stand out.
  • Your Handwritten Letter or Handwritten Envelope will have a higher chance of being opened and read.
  • High Return on Investment


Dads fountain pen

Fountain Pen Made by Chris Farmer

For greater impact you could also use a colourful envelope.  We use Orange for our credit control letters and we have had a much higher response rate than sending letters in a white envelope.   Colour can be very powerful, just think, every time you receive a brown letter you know that HMRC are writing to you??


myPA Virtual Services have provided Handwritten Envelope and Handwritten Letter Service for many years. The Handwritten envelopes and Handwritten letters can turn your mail campaign into a more efficient way to advertise. You can reach your audience and make sure the handwritten envelopes are opened, and more importantly read. Resulting in high Return On Investment.


It’s a simple fact, a handwritten envelope is your best option for a successful direct mail campaign. As the people are becomes desensitized to advertisement much of the mail you receive at your home/office will go straight to bin, what do you do with your direct mail??? Most will never be opened. So how can you increase your opening rate? A hand written letter!

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Today, while using social media, for myPA Virtual Services of course, I saw it, the first sign that Christmas is officially closing in on us. Right in front of me was a huge dancing Santa saying how many more days there were to go. We all think, “It’s okay we’ve still got Halloween to go yet” but in reality, once it has passed, we will be running around with our arm’s in the air wishing we had started our Christmas organisation a little earlier.

So this month, to help all of you ahead of the game we are offering a service for those who love things that are a little more personalised, hand written Christmas cards and envelopes.

This service is officially 20% off for the month of October so you can get all of your cards ready to send a month in advance. With this service we are not only including Christmas cards, it includes anything that you wish to send out, whether it’s a promotional offer to all of your clients or a little bit of advertising.

You can supply your own colourful stationary and even little stamps if you wish, or if you prefer we can order this for you. But the main thing we can provide is the man power to help you send those mountains of Christmas cards that you bought in the sale last year. (It’s no secret, we all do it).

If you would like to use our fantastic service of the month – Hand Written Envelopes, please contact me on: or you can call on: 01367 246003.


I had a very busy day yesterday at myPA Virtual Services, I spent the day performance one of my favourite tasks; that of tidying my desktop on the computer and organising my files and deleting unused or old files (Admin work isn’t just bits of paper!).  I know it doesn’t sound exciting, however it is one of the tasks that I always put off, even though I know it need to get done at some point in the month.  It is enormously satisfying once completed.  I also set about creating my social media campaign for the next few months.


Daily Task SheetAs a result, I began to think about how I use my time and how much time I could save if I worked SMARTER.  How often do we put off a small task or tasks under the misapprehension that they will only take a few minutes to complete until they become bigger and bigger which in turn makes the task colossal which requires a mammoth effort on our behalf to sort out or organise.  It is this enormous effort that can drive us to distraction.  Running a small business already has the potential to overtake our lives, we certainly don’t want to have any additional pressure.  The stress this can place on us can result in headaches, backache and even worse time off work.


So what is the solution, well you can try the myPA Virtual Services Daily 5 point plan.


  1. 5 Top business tasks for the day
  2. Calls that need to be made for the day
  3. Social Media entries for today
  4. Emails to be sent/replied to for today
  5. Successes for the day (Recorded at the end of the day)

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Like many businesses I have my first quarter goals.  I check them on a weekly basis to ensure that I am still on track, but can’t believe that the last three months have gone by so quickly.

So what were my goals and did I achieve them.

Mizzy 1Goal 1:      Explain to Mizzy (our new Office Administrator) how to work in an office environment and teach her office etiquette.  Moreover I want her to work within myPA Virtual Service with confidence and self-reliance.  It is my goal for her to have consistency in her workload, to be able to see what tasks needs to be undertaken and become proactive for our clients.  In fact Mizzy now runs our Monday morning meetings and keeps us all on our Toes.  Completed.

Goal 2:      I was given an online business from a friend who decided that she didn’t want to run the business anymore.  I love the idea of an online business (especially as I am looking after a number of online businesses for my clients).  So I have been determined to get the online business up and running  This task has just completed.  Completed.

Goal 3:      Develop a workable strategy for Credit Control and avoid the fraught dash at the end of the month to ensure all bills and invoices are paid.  Included in the strategy is a comprehensive plan to compile all expenses for my business on a monthly basis. Completed.

Goal 4:      Take more time to work on my business so that our continued success is not impeded by lack of thought and planning (Friday afternoons is the day) Completed.


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