BNI sub and losing my car

I was a BNI sub on Friday and as normal, I planned my early morning very carefully.  I printed out the 60 seconds I needed to read, I had the contribution my subor wanted me to give.  I also made the decision to park the car near my house.  So why on earth at 6am did I manage to walk all the way to my office where I normally park the car to realise that my car was parked outside my house.  I had to walk past the car to get to my office.  OK it was 6am and this was the fourth early morning in a row but I could have kicked myself.

It got me thinking, how often do we plan our tasks or day and then ignore our plans and continue with the processes we are use to and comfortable with, never wanting to step out of our comfort zone.  This also applies to our goals.  We make our goals, put them into action for a day or two and then forget them or never re-visit them.  Tony Robbins tells us that we should write our goals down and read them once a week to ensure that we remember what we want to do and that we don’t forget the.

So my tip for today is, if you are setting goals write them down and read them once a week and if you are leaving early for a BNI meeting and have parked your car in an unusual place write a note and put it next to your keys.


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