Communication is the Key to success

My new years resolution was to improve my communication with everyone. I think I have managed to do that but found myself zoning out of a conversation with someone who was trying to sell me something. The sales person wouldn’t take no for an answer and I don’t like to hang up. In the end I just let him carry on and I continued with my work load.

Got me thinking, (as you can tell if you have been reading this blog I am getting very reflective) how often do we zone out of a task we do on a daily basis and then find we do it wrong and have to re-do it. Try and find ways to do repeated tasks in a different way or time yourself and then stop. For example I have decided to read my emails in the morning, action the important ones. Then leave the less important ones. I have booked time in the diary to action the rest. I will let you know how it goes.

Also the sales person wouldn’t listen to my replies and just went through his script. He wasted my time and his. It’s always back to communication and listening.


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