Funny old technology

I had planned to start my second book today, I know what its about and what I want in it, however this was not to be. Yesterday I planned my day in every detail, I even had time planned for the odd phone call. I was all set to put into action the VA Book on Networking.

As I am sure you can guess this didn’t happen. In fact I haven’t even been able to get near a black piece of paper to start the title page. When I say a black piece of paper, I mean a keyboard and screen. It’s been years since I sat down and put pen to paper and just wrote. Not even sure if I would be able to. I can see I am getting off the point.

I spent today helping a client correct a data import. With modern technology we all know the import is quicker and all the data is inserted into the chosen fields. What the computer couldn’t do was look at each piece of data and ensure that it was in the correct place, it was the correct code and was the correct price. You have to love the CSV import – thank goodness for the human touch.

I didn’t spend all day checking this data. I did manage to speak to a number of small business owners who are based in the North of the country. I wanted to introduce them to BNI and invite them to a meeting for a client. I can’t believe the different responses you get in different parts of the world. Everyone I spoke to today wished me luck, thanked me for the call and said that they would be very happy to receive some information about the networking group.  It’s a funny old world.


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