Its Cheese for Breakfast

I attended the Power Teams training for BNI today.  The hotel is about 40 miles from my home so I had to leave home at about 5.30.  I told the hotel that I was a celiac before I attended the training course and was told that there would be something there for me to eat. 

Upon arrival, I asked for my breakfast, to be told that nothing had been arranged.  The waiter popped in to the kitchen for a few minutes and proudly told me that I could have some breakfast, it was going to be cheese.  Just cheese, nothing else, no more and no less just cheese. 

After a few minutes I managed to persuade the waiter to give me scrambled egg.  Yea I thought, great protein.  That should keep me going until lunch.  Looking forward to my breakfast the waiter proudly brought me my scrambled eggs along side my cheese!!! Oh well, when inRome, I managed to grab and apple and scrambled eggs, cheese and an apple.  A little odd but at least I had breakfast.

The training course was very good as well.


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