Winning on a Sunday

I normally take Sundays off, but today I made an exception. One of my lifestyle clients has a new job that involves driving 120 miles a day to a new office. Last week I drove her to the office so she knew where to find it. Yesterday I sat with her, in her car, while she drove. Today she drove her car and I drove behind her in my car.

We created some very strange hand signals to ensure she was going in the right direction. She is a very good driver and just needs a bit if confidence. Tomorrow she is driving there on her own. I know she will do well.

There is a wonderful bonus to these trips. I have discovered that I enjoy Ice Coffee. I also had the chance to listen to an Audiobook in self development by Jillian Michaels, Unlimited. A win win trip.

Milton Keynes shopping centre is massive. If you get a chance to visit you should go. Plan to be there all day. Oh yea, make sure you park in the purple zone, it cost 30p per hour.



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