Kicking the Cat

What a day. It’s been one of those days where you tell everyone you want to kick the cat. Not sure where that saying comes from, but it does explain my day.

I was at a client’s office this morning and didn’t even take off my very large and heave military overcoat. In fact I had on a blouse, a jacket, a scarf and my overcoat. The office was so cold, even with the gas fire turned on full. Being a VA mean that you are happy to work in very different and unusually circumstances. When I was in paid employment (paid by someone else) I would never have worked in that environment. Being self employed does make a difference!!!!

I left there to sub for someone at BNI, this BNI meeting meets at lunch time. The food is much better, but I think I prefer the morning or evening networking as the meeting seems to eat in to the entire day. I arrived at 12 o’clock and didn’t leave until 3 o’clock which meant I got back into the office at 3.30. The day just feels really disjointed.

I then called BT, I know, I couldn’t help it, a client needed a new phone line installed. After going through there automated system I finally managed to get to speak to a human being. I don’t understand why companies have automated phone systems. No one likes them and they just add aggravation to the caller. Looking on the brighter side, many of my clients feel the same as I do, which is why we get to answer there calls. So every cloud does have a silver lining.

Looking forward to a Town Council meeting tonight, it’s for Venues and I am hoping to be elected and vice chair.


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