Up up and away

Been a busy old day, have spent some time finding out which quotes are still live, which quotes have been won and more importantly which quotes are needed to be sent out today. Lot and lots and lots. (Ok may be not lots and lots but there were a few that we have promised).

I have a very nice call today from someone who found us on the internet. Its always good to talk to someone who is looking at the website as we speak. Makes you have to think fast and remember what is on the site. This can be a challenge as I change the narrative on the site regularly. It’s also getting to the VAT cut off now so working very hard to ensure we get the purchase and sales invoices on the system as soon as possible for the dreaded VAT man.

Signed up to a new online referrals system today, it looks like it may be trying to take over from Linkedin. We will have to see. I have also decided to upgrade some of my software. I am a great fan of ACT so have just ordered ACT 2011. I call Sage to get a quote and the first person I spoke to said it would be £620+ VAT. I then called a distributor to see if I could get it cheaper and he quoted £290+ VAT for the same product. I called Sage back and now have the software for £285.00. If they had said £285 in the first place it could have saved me 30 minutes of research.

I was offered the role of vice chair of Venues which I am very excited about.


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