Planning for Success

I spent the weekend re-tiling my bathroom, not all of the bathroom, just the tiles around my bath. The previous owner tiled the area but after a few years the silicon had all turned black. Unfortunately he used silicon and not grout.

I therefore spent eight hours trying to fix his error. It got me to thinking, no matter how many jobs or what job you do it always best to start the job correctly, work through and finish it correctly otherwise you always go back and do the work over again.

Not only that it takes take twice as long to re-do the work.

Top tip for doing the job correctly first time:

1. Plan the task, remember what your end result is going to be and plan for that result.

2. Make sure you have the correct tools to hand.

3. If you need help and advice, don’t be scared to ask for it

4. Make sure you have enough time to compete the task

5. Don’t rush the job, if you know it’s going to take 5 hours, schedule that time in your diary

6. When you start the task, make sure you do it to the best of your ability

7. Plan your task, this is the same as number one, but as it’s so important it needs to be addressed again


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