Delegating my office move

I have one of my biggest challenges tomorrow.  Its not a business challenge, it’s more of a personal one.  I admit it, like many small business owners I am a bit of a control monster, after all it was me that set up my company and no one can run it as well as I can, can they!?!

So what is my challenge.  Well…… tomorrow we are moving offices.  Not far, in effect we are moving from one room to another one that is two doors down (yes I can hear Dolly Parton now singing about a party two doors down).

The challenge is, I won’t be there.  I have a BNI meeting at 6.30am then I am off to see a few clients.  On Friday I am on a two day training course.  I am out of the office, so I won’t see the results until Sunday.  (I know, I shouldn’t go in the office on a Sunday, but it is my new office so I do need to see it).

I do trust my staff and my IT consultant and I know that they will do a very good job, but just the same I would like to be there.

I always tell my clients that they need to practice the art of delegation.  I am a great believer in delegation and have over the last few years been able to put the delegation rules into practice but I think I may need to go back and read the rules.

Delegation Rules

  1. Responsibility can be delegated
  2. Define the task to be delegated
  3. Employ good quality staff and select the right individual for the task at hand
  4. Ensure your staff are trained in every aspect of the task at hand
  5. Do not undertake tasks that are of low value to your time
  6. Explain the reasons for the delegation and what the end result should achieve
  7. Agree deadlines and responsibilities
  8. Give your staff the support they need to undertake the task and communicate with them at all times

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