Telephone Messages – not much to remember?!?!

I am very excited, I have now started on my second book.  It was going to be aimed at business owners but I think the market is more towards the business owners partners or part time office help.  The book is going to be about how to set up a small office and make it run efficiently, effectively and smoothly.  Saving valuable time, money and helping to avoid the mistakes many people seem to make. 

I started last week and decided that I would write 500 words on how to take a proper telephone message.  Would  you believe it, 1396 words later I finished the article.  It’s amazing how much you really know about a topic when you sit down and start to write about it.

Cutting by 1396 words down to 46, here are the major points that you need to be aware of when taking a call:

  1. The date of call
  2. Who took the call
  3. What the Callers name is
  4. What the callers telephone is
  5. Who the call is for
  6. What the message is
  7. Keep and eye on the status of the call/message
  8. Has the call/task been completed?

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