July is ending, August is here and its Filing time

This may not be one of the greatest topics you have every read about, but its going to be interesting, fun and very important for your business.  So bewared everyone Augusts new meaning is going to be about filing.  Why you should do it, what systems to use and which filing system would be good for your businesses.

If you have any questions about filing let me know and I will answer each and everyone.  Remember a good filing system will save you money, save you time and more importantly make you efficient.  How good it that, so August is the month to get your office papers in order.

One more important point to remember, filing is not just about putting a piece of paper in a draw or a file, its also about filing documents on your computer.  Saving space, making your computer run faster.  See how exciting and fun filing can be.

Each and every question very welcome.



One response to “July is ending, August is here and its Filing time

  1. I have a small business and as far as I can see filing isn’t such a problem at the moment but as my business grows I know I will have more papers. How should I keep track of my customers job?

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