Email Etiquette

Communication is the key to success with anything we do, especially with our clients and suppliers.  It is amazing how many people take it for granted and think nothing of sending off that ‘Quick Email’, but before you go ahead please spend some time thinking about the etiquette of sending off that email.

  • All emails need to be professional but not too formal
    Emails should be addressed personally to your recipient.  They should be professional but not too formal that your recipient feels they are being criticised or told off.
  • Use English and not text speak.  Ensure spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct
    Incorrect spelling, grammar and punctuation can give a very bad impression of you and your company.  E-mails without grammar can also be difficult to read and may change the meaning of the email conversation.
  • Don’t write in CAPITALS
  • When replying to an email include the message thread
    When you reply to an email, include the original mail in your reply.  Leaving the thread of the email conversation will save the recipient time and frustration in looking for the original email in their inbox
  • Attach your contact details as a signature, telephone number, website, email address
    Don’t make it hard for your reader to contact you.  There is nothing worse than receiving an email and making the decision that you are going to call the sender if you have to go hunting for contact details.  Use your signature feature so that your contact details are on all emails.
  • Add a disclaimer to your emails, this can be part of your signature
    It is important to add disclaimers to your internal and external emails, this can help protect your company from liability and rude and unscrupulous emails.
  • Don’t over use the Reply to All
    Only use Reply to All if you need your email conversation to be seen by each person who received the original message.

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