Quick Password Tips

We have to have passwords for almost everything these days. Here are a few tips on how to choose and look after your passwords.


Always use a very secure password
However tempted you are, never choose a password that is easy to remember, for example your children’s or husbands/boyfriends names or your birthday.

Always store your passwords securely 

Use a proper encryption system and never store them in Word/text files on your computer or in your email package (for example in notes in your outlook system) or your online address books.

Always use long passwords

Use the longest password you can remember and include numbers, capital letters and symbols, for example myP@V1rtualS3rv:ces.  Hackers are very cleaver and will know that I have substituted numbers and symbols for vowels in the example above.

Never use words in a dictionary

Never include words in your passwords that can be found in a dictionary and NEVER use ‘password’, ‘Ihatemyjob’ or ‘password123’.

Never use the same password twice

Never use exactly the same password for more than one account, If one of your programmes is hacked then the hacker will have access to everything else.

Never share your login details

Keep your logins to yourself, don’t share them with family and work colleagues, their systems might not be as secure as yours.

Never link your accounts together

Lots of systems offer to link your accounts, for example with your Google account, but never link accounts and always use a unique login for each online account.

Never respond to security emails

Never respond to the emails claiming to be from PayPal or your bank with a link to confirm your security details.


This article is based on advice from Oxford Home IT


One response to “Quick Password Tips

  1. Some good suggestions here, particularly using long passwords with numbers, capital letters etc. Thank you.

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