Business Communications

Business Communication includes using the telephone, sending emails, and writing letters. In the business world there are correct ways to communicate which included cohesion of formal or informal writing and speech.  It is the skill of the business owner to know which format to use in any form of communication.

When it comes to the telephone, small business owners are often worried that they are not receiving all their calls because they may be out of the office, seeing their clients or taking a holiday.  This is a common problem for the business and the business owner and they could feel that this will impair their professionalism and business standing.  A recent anecdote, one of myPA’s clients recently undertook weekly staff training session.  Therefore; all the staff would be out of the office and no one was available to answer the telephone.  myPA Virtual Services stepped in to provide them with their own virtual assistant who answered the telephone professionally with their company name and emailed the relevant person details of the telephone call.

Managers and directors are tired of sorting through a mountain of emails that creep into an inbox just to find a specific email.  The gravity of this situation results in a cost time and money for the small business.  Time could be spent running the business and money that should be reinvested.  Using the skills of myPA Virtual Services could help with this task.  A recent assignment undertaken by myPA is helping one of our clients get their emails under control.  One of myPA’s Virtual Assistants weed out the junk emails and make sure they only get the emails pertain to their business.

On a personal note to you the reader of this blog.  If you are worried about your business letters and feel that they do not follow the correct business tone for your industry or are not written in a correct business format then don’t worry myPA Virtual Service could provide you with a virtual assistant who can do this for you.  All you have to do is tell your virtual assistant what needs to be written and they will create a professional letter that all you have to do is sign.

If you are worried that your company is lacking in professional Business Communication let myPA Virtual Services provide you with just the right person, so that you become the beneficiary of our years of experience and skill.


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