Manage Clients Expectations

paperA Virtual Assistant could work for a number of business clients at any one time, in a variety of diverse business fields. All Virtual assistants understand that their client’s time is not finite, nor is the time of a VA. Booking time for each client is one of the most important time management tools a VA utilises.

It is true to say, that small business can experience ‘feast or famine’ when it comes to the type of admin support they require from their VA. Consequently VAs will take work from additional clients to fill their time. This is when it is vitally important that you, the business owner communicates with your virtual assistant and let them know about the work load you have coming in, the amount of admin support you will be looking for in the next few weeks/months and how much of their time you will require. Be honest with your Virtual assistant and yourself; you don’t want to place yourself, or your business, in a detrimental position of having to work 15+ hours a day and put a strain on your virtual assistant. Being realistic about your expectations for your business and that of the services you require from your virtual assistant will ensure that you receive the best admin support you deserve and expect.

If you believe that a particular job will take your virtual assistant 3 weeks to complete inform them at the beginning of the task. Get their conformation about the time scales and delivery criteria.

Ensure that your virtual assistant is receptive to your time frame and be totally transparent about the work load. Don’t over promise and under deliver. At the start of the project ascertain the dead line and the importance of the project. Once you understand the importance of the project you are able to inform your virtual assistant that you will be looking for admin support for 3 weeks and book their time appropriately. Remember, if you book their time, they will be turning down other work, so you will have to pay them for the time you have booked.

If you have not sent your virtual assistant the appropriate documentation or information to start or continue with the project, be proactive and let your virtual assistant know, they could help you get the information together. Once you have the documentation ready and have sent it to your virtual assistant check with them to ensure they understand the task at hand and confirm the delivery and the time scales agreed upon.

To summarise, VAs would like to help every client as quickly as possible, but by the same token there comes a time when the VA has to say NO to clients with unrealistic expectations, don’t be one of them.


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