Using a Virtual Assistant

Whether you are a small business owner, an internet business operator, an entrepreneur or simply a very busy individual, a virtual assistant can help you perform a number of daily admin support services that need to be performed and are fundamental to ensure your business and personal life runs smoothly and effectively.

When a virtual assistant performs the countless admin support tasks that are beneficial in our modern life; they offer the small business owner the opportunity of time to concentrate on their own business and life style. In many instances the VA is able to undertake the task asked off them at a cheaper rate than a full-time in-house employee or a temp service.

Admin Services, such as invoicing, collections, and credit control are available from virtual assistants. A secretarial service does not generally provide these types of services. However, a virtual assistant performs these and the services of a secretarial service, such as audio typing and data entry. Additionally, office services such as electronic filing may also be performed.

Other office admin services that must be performed in-house are not ruled out either. While most VAs work remotely, they are often willing to work on-site for a short period of time to complete admin services such as filing or other office services. It is always advantageous to speak to your VA and see if they are happy to provide admin support in your office.


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