In business we have some expectations for clients and suppliers. We all try to live up to those expectations to provide the best service to the people around us. Unfortunately, if expectations are not expressed or acknowledged then we can find that our expectations are not ‘lived up to’ and this can leave people feel dissatisfied or unhappy with our service?

marshmelloLast Friday I attended a Chocolate Making Course in Dorset, which I hoped would teach me the art of chocolate decorating and the technical aspects behind being a chocolatier.  I enjoy making fudge, toffee, coconut ice and various other little treats and wanted to add chocolate making to my repertoire.

I was extremely surprised with the outcome, not in a good way. It would seem that the course did not quite live up to my expectations. Instead of a professional chocolatier course it was aimed more toward children. I spent the course covering marshmallows in chocolate and making chocolate pictures. Not only this, the course was meant to last for 1 hour 45 minutes and finished over an hour earlier.  I’m not sure whether my expectations were set too high and I assumed that I would get the answers to my queries without stating what those queries were. In hindsight I should have checked the finer details.

Within my business, myPA Virtual Services I am always clear about the expectations I expect from my suppliers.  In addition my clients are meticulous about the type of admin support they are after and what services they need from a Virtual Assistant.  However this course has reminded me that silent expectations can never be lived up to.  You need to express what your expectations are and only then can you ensure everyone you deal with is happy.  If you ask those important questions you are likely to get the results you are looking for. This will ensure you don’t waste valuable time, resource and money for your business.


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