Annie – Work Experience

Loving work experience at myPA

Loving work experience at myPA

I started work experience at myPA Virtual Services on the 8th July 2013.  I didn’t really know what to expect from this, as I had no experience of ever being in an office environment. I was nervous about what I would have had to do on my first day. I thought I might have to be answering phone calls which I wasn’t most looking forward to as I’m not the best at this especially not on my first day of proper working. When I arrived however, I was not doing this which I was relieved about. I was actually doing something that I really like doing. I was doing some data entry on to the computer which I found really fun and interesting.

Before I was asked to do this, one of the other employees, Steph Jordan took me around the building and told me about all the different companies in the Office Center   We then had a look at the myPA websites and programmes that myPA use on a regular daily basis. This was a lot of information to try and remember however I think I did pretty well in remembering some of it! 


One response to “Annie – Work Experience

  1. Good job getting some work experience!! Congrats on your new job, and I hope it works well for you 🙂

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