Events Management

Events Management is one of the most exciting services that myPA Virtual Services has to offer. It gives our Virtual Assistants the chance to combine all of their skills to achieve a successful festival, event, conference or any other creation our client has to offer. We are at hand to organise ideas, venues, transport and guest lists. The benefit of employing a Virtual Assistant is that we already have the contacts you need.

Events Management is a task that needs to be undertaken by an individual who possesses key qualities. myPA Virtual Service has concluded that there are 5 main qualities to look for in a successful Events Manager. Organisation is vital in any aspect of management as it allows you to plan, prioritise and monitor tasks indefinitely. In addition to this, Time Management will mean you are able to plan your time correctly and will be able to deliver every aspect of the event successfully. Time is valuable and being behind on one small task may mean jeopardising the whole event. Your client needs to trust that everything will go according to plan.

Attention to detail is a sought after attribute that many business owners value. Virtual Assistants tend to already apply this skill to their work due to working with a wide variety of clients. It means an individual is able to go above and beyond in the detail of a project. This in particular will be an excellent skill when organising parties, weddings or any special occasion. You also need to ensure that you are approachable for your clients. They need to know that they are able to ask anything of you and are able to trust you with their big day. This means you are polite, well-mannered and appropriately dressed. The final quality that will ensure your event is contingent is being skilled in problem solving. You will need to be at hand to make quick decisions that will stop or prevent problems. This will involve taking control and trusting your decisions. Events Management is myPA’s Service of the Month. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.


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