Mizzy 1With the New Year comes a fresh start, new faces and many exciting opportunities. The first new face has arrived at myPA, my name is Mizzy. I am the new apprentice at myPA; I’m a little older than most apprentices at the age of 21.

I had a very early introduction into the working world at an age of 14 in part time work. I floated around the hospitality industry with little direction from my peers, and where I wanted to be in the future. Then I heard about myPA.

I knew this was my opportunity to expand my horizons and escape a world of lack of sleep, I literally begged for this job! I have been at myPA for just over 2 weeks now and have been introduced to so many exciting opportunities and learnt an unbelievable amount. So far I have been doing General Admin, Formatting, some Marketing and Social Media, which I love.  I have also found a talent for Credit Control which never crossed my mind until I came to myPA.

There have been a few struggles but with Julies help, and in some cases me helping her, it’s been a breeze. I’ve just arranged my business administration course and I’m really looking forward to it.  The main thing I’m looking forward to is doing some more formatting and definitely audio typing as I love order and organisation and nothing is better than perfection.

So I look forward to working for you and your business.


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