Weekend News from myPA Virtual Services

Portland billIt’s so nice to have a weekend that is full of sun.  I am looking forward to the next 10 days of sunshine.  Not sure how I will celebrate the re-appearance of the sun but one thing is for sure I will be outside getting as much of the free Vitamin D as I can get.  Our last bout of sun took me to see the Light House at Portland Bill just outside Weymouth.  I love the sea and this was a wonderful walk with the family.

As with everything, I also took some work with me and managed to get an outline of a training course I would like to run to teach small business owners how to undertake their own administration.  Course details to follow.  I am still writing my second book, bullied by my client which is going well.  I am looking for a few more stories to tell in the book, so if  you have any or know anyone who has been bullied by their client please get in touch with me.  This weekend I am planning on doing a little work for myPA Virtual Services.  We have a few manuscripts that need to be typed and then turned into e-published books for a few clients.  I plan to get at least two of them ready for Amazon by Monday.  The client is expecting them on Wednesday so it should be a nice surprise.

Mizzy has just moved into her new flat so she is going to be inside all weekend sorting out everything she has to make sure her new career as a Virtual PA and Administrator starts from home and radiates out to the rest of the world.  She has just told me that she will be wearing her new hot pants soaking up as much Vitamin D as she can.


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