Attention All Authors

Authors Update

myPA Virtual Services are proud announce that we are now working with a number of authors and a few publishing houses.  It gives us great pleasure in helping our authors get their manuscripts from the written page to an end product as an e-published book ready for Kindle or Nook or even a hard copy book.

With kind permission from Carmen Medlin. This image will not appear in the book The Tulip Fairies.

We are currently working on a Children’s book about Fairies.  My job is so much fun.   This author uses our copy typing services as all her manuscripts are hand written.  It takes no time at all for us to type her manuscript and return it to her.  It takes us back to our childhood.

We are also working with Deji Yusuf, a Motivational Speaker and an inspiration to some of the disenfranchised youth of today.  His work and concept on SWAG (Success, Winning and Achieving Greatness) is outstanding and a fabulous use of some of the tools available in today’s tough environment for the next generation.   Deji Yusuf second edition of his book will be available as a hard copy book and as an e-published book ready for a Kindle and Nook.

If you are an author and would like to find out more information about our authors services, which include copy typing, audio typing and the reformatting of manuscripts, please contact us here or take a look at our dedicated page for Authors.


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