Where has April gone!!!

Like many businesses I have my first quarter goals.  I check them on a weekly basis to ensure that I am still on track, but can’t believe that the last three months have gone by so quickly.

So what were my goals and did I achieve them.

Mizzy 1Goal 1:      Explain to Mizzy (our new Office Administrator) how to work in an office environment and teach her office etiquette.  Moreover I want her to work within myPA Virtual Service with confidence and self-reliance.  It is my goal for her to have consistency in her workload, to be able to see what tasks needs to be undertaken and become proactive for our clients.  In fact Mizzy now runs our Monday morning meetings and keeps us all on our Toes.  Completed.

Goal 2:      I was given an online business from a friend who decided that she didn’t want to run the business anymore.  I love the idea of an online business (especially as I am looking after a number of online businesses for my clients).  So I have been determined to get the online business up and running www.qualitydogbeds.co.uk.  This task has just completed.  Completed.

Goal 3:      Develop a workable strategy for Credit Control and avoid the fraught dash at the end of the month to ensure all bills and invoices are paid.  Included in the strategy is a comprehensive plan to compile all expenses for my business on a monthly basis. Completed.

Goal 4:      Take more time to work on my business so that our continued success is not impeded by lack of thought and planning (Friday afternoons is the day) Completed.



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