Did I work SMART or just work?

I had a very busy day yesterday at myPA Virtual Services, I spent the day performance one of my favourite tasks; that of tidying my desktop on the computer and organising my files and deleting unused or old files (Admin work isn’t just bits of paper!).  I know it doesn’t sound exciting, however it is one of the tasks that I always put off, even though I know it need to get done at some point in the month.  It is enormously satisfying once completed.  I also set about creating my social media campaign for the next few months.


Daily Task SheetAs a result, I began to think about how I use my time and how much time I could save if I worked SMARTER.  How often do we put off a small task or tasks under the misapprehension that they will only take a few minutes to complete until they become bigger and bigger which in turn makes the task colossal which requires a mammoth effort on our behalf to sort out or organise.  It is this enormous effort that can drive us to distraction.  Running a small business already has the potential to overtake our lives, we certainly don’t want to have any additional pressure.  The stress this can place on us can result in headaches, backache and even worse time off work.


So what is the solution, well you can try the myPA Virtual Services Daily 5 point plan.


  1. 5 Top business tasks for the day
  2. Calls that need to be made for the day
  3. Social Media entries for today
  4. Emails to be sent/replied to for today
  5. Successes for the day (Recorded at the end of the day)

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