Hand Written Envelopes – that means Christmas is on its way

Today, while using social media, for myPA Virtual Services of course, I saw it, the first sign that Christmas is officially closing in on us. Right in front of me was a huge dancing Santa saying how many more days there were to go. We all think, “It’s okay we’ve still got Halloween to go yet” but in reality, once it has passed, we will be running around with our arm’s in the air wishing we had started our Christmas organisation a little earlier.

So this month, to help all of you ahead of the game we are offering a service for those who love things that are a little more personalised, hand written Christmas cards and envelopes.

This service is officially 20% off for the month of October so you can get all of your cards ready to send a month in advance. With this service we are not only including Christmas cards, it includes anything that you wish to send out, whether it’s a promotional offer to all of your clients or a little bit of advertising.

You can supply your own colourful stationary and even little stamps if you wish, or if you prefer we can order this for you. But the main thing we can provide is the man power to help you send those mountains of Christmas cards that you bought in the sale last year. (It’s no secret, we all do it).

If you would like to use our fantastic service of the month – Hand Written Envelopes, please contact me on: mizzy@mypavirtualservices.com or you can call on: 01367 246003.


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