Handwritten Envelopes – Why bother???

Handwritten Envelopes, its just takes so much time, why bother?

What a good question, well the simple answer is three fold:

  • Your company or message will stand out.
  • Your Handwritten Letter or Handwritten Envelope will have a higher chance of being opened and read.
  • High Return on Investment


Dads fountain pen

Fountain Pen Made by Chris Farmer

For greater impact you could also use a colourful envelope.  We use Orange for our credit control letters and we have had a much higher response rate than sending letters in a white envelope.   Colour can be very powerful, just think, every time you receive a brown letter you know that HMRC are writing to you??


myPA Virtual Services have provided Handwritten Envelope and Handwritten Letter Service for many years. The Handwritten envelopes and Handwritten letters can turn your mail campaign into a more efficient way to advertise. You can reach your audience and make sure the handwritten envelopes are opened, and more importantly read. Resulting in high Return On Investment.


It’s a simple fact, a handwritten envelope is your best option for a successful direct mail campaign. As the people are becomes desensitized to advertisement much of the mail you receive at your home/office will go straight to bin, what do you do with your direct mail??? Most will never be opened. So how can you increase your opening rate? A hand written letter!

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