Handwritten Envelopes or Handwritten Envelopes and Letters?

What an excellent question.  Should a handwritten envelope be accompanied by a handwritten letter or just a handwritten envelope enough?  It is a fact that handwritten envelopes will get opened before a labelled envelope, more for curiosity than anything else.  What about the contents?  A clear and understandable narrative for the promotion or reason for writing is paramount.  A clear handwritten letter is likely to entice your reader to read its entire contents.


myPA Virtual Services have produced hand written letters for our customers and we love it.  Personally, I like to use a fountain pen, the feel of the pen and the result just adds a bit of class to any correspondence.  A ballpoint pen is just as respectable and on occasions, I will use a ballpoint pen, nevertheless I prefer a former.   A fountain pen adds a bit of swagger and pedigree to any correspondence.


Before sending any correspondence regardless of handwritten or typed, attention should be given to the correct spelling for every word and your reader understands your message.  It would be careless to send any marketing material or a letter to a prospective client or family member that has not been proof read.


I would suggest that a handwritten letter is a luxury for the reader and will grab attention from the reader.  This doesn’t mean that you can write anything in your letter.  Your message and call to action still needs to be strong and there needs to be a call to action, be canny in creating your marketing material and remember your reader or how your customer will receive your letter/marketing material.


If you would like to collaborate on a handwritten marketing campaign, please contact us at julie@mypavirtualservices.com


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