myPA – Happy Christmas

I don’t know about you, but myPA are starting to feel very Christmassy and are getting excited about the whole process.  We had a shock when we calculated that there are only 15 shopping days to go.  Christmas does appear to have crept up on us a little, so we are going to put up the company Christmas Tree today, nothing to grandiose but it will keep us happy.

Christmas for blogThe Christmas period is the ideal time to take a business breath.  Take a look at where your business is now and where you are within your business.  It is also the perfect time to start to make a few plans on where you want your business to be in 2015 and what you as an individual want to achieve in 2015.

myPA are planning to train a number of fabulous people to set up their own Virtual Assistant Business under the myPA Business Limited brand.  We are also going to release our Start-up Business Planning Manual and our equivalent of ISO in a box for small businesses.  This unique product will offer advice on best practice for a small business and contain a multitude of forms to ensure professionalism with time saving techniques and tools.  2015 is going to be a busy and exciting time.

We would love to know what your plans are for 2015.  Will you set up a new product or start a new business?

The philosophy for myPA in 2014 was communication.  In 2015 our philosophy will be consistency.  That’s consistency in everything we do and our planning.

Take care of your selves and have a wonderful break, recharge the batteries and we look forward to hitting the ground running on the 5 January 2015.

Julie and Mizzy


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